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Ted Williams and Dolores Wettach's family residence, nestled in the hills of Westminster, Vermont, has been lovingly restored by their daughter Claudia Williams. Inside the mid-1800's post and beam country home,  walls are adorned with never before seen family photos, life's achievements, and amazing memorabilia. It is truly a one of a kind vacation rental with a view inside the lives of two incredible people and the love they shared. 

In her book, "Ted Williams, My Father" Claudia recounts how her mother's love for her dad not only moved mountains, but a home as well. 

    "My Father often complained about everybody driving by his home just to peek at where the Splendid Splinter lived. Wanting to make her new husband happy, Mom decided to surprise him while he was away and fix the privacy issue by simply moving the house to a more secluded area on the property. How hard could it be? Mrs. Williams got help from a local covered - bridge genius. Milton Graton, to move the whole house approximately four hundred yards straight up a hill that loomed behind the house.      When My father came home, he drove into the driveway only to discover that his residence was gone... "Where the hell is the goddamned house?"... Mom's words, "I have a surprise for you," flooded his thoughts.... His stunning, shocking, and unpredictable wife had moved the whole damned house. Jesus Christ! There, look up, past the trees, on the hill.... There stood Mom, waving like a wild woman. "Here I am Ted. Come on up!" When Dad recalled the event, he would shake his head every time. "Jesus Christ! What a woman!"